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im dead


im dead

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Not to diss on European mythologies but can we seriously have some fuckin’ recognition that there are religions and mythologies that are not Greek or Norse. Why the fuck did I learn about the Greeks 6 times but we never fucking talked about Africa or even really the mythologies and beliefs of native peoples? 

(Pssst from what group are these deities from?)

The Yoruba of western Africa.

i don’t have many forever reblogs

but this one is

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There’s some ships you ship… that have massive amounts of shippers right along with you. Then there’s the ships… those ships you have that are near and dear to your heart where you’re in a fucking canoe with like… four other people.


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Puppy dogs :)

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Joe Russo: Our process a lot of times is film geekdom and I think it was Stravinsky who said, “Good musicians don’t borrow, they steal.” Well, we steal a lot. And this is Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back getting tortured. I remember being eleven or twelve in the theater watching him scream as they walked away and thinking, “Oh my God, that’s horrifying.”

Anthony Russo: Our innovation was to remove his shirt.

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary

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Bucky Barnes + TV Tropes

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Jake Peralta + cutest moments

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Sebastian Stan attends Sony Pictures Classics’ screening of ‘Whiplash’ hosted by The Cinema Society and Brooks Brothers at the iPaley Center For Media on September 29, 2014 in New York City.

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Tiny <3


Tiny <3

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…you’re lucky I’m a stubborn asshole because these took way longer to make than I’d like to admit.

holy fucking shit

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